Privacy Policy

All customers' personal details required for making a booking will be kept strictly confidential as outlined in the Data Protection Act 1998.

Price a Cab has a strict policy concerning Trade Partners or Customers data that is held on our computers. We do not share any collected data with third parties. Price a cab where possible will hold data on computers that are not directly connected to the Internet, where this is not possible we will use a very secure encryption and files will be password protected.

Information collected will only be used to contact a Trade Partner or customer with reference to a booking. All Payment details will not be stored on our computers.

We reserve the right to pass on certain information if requested to by Council Licensing departments or by the Police or a court if requested to do so.

The Price a Cab web-site will be available 24/7 subject to site maintenance which will be kept to a minimum. All data is backed up to separate locations daily giving maximum data security.